Mid-2001: a group of friends drunkenly decide to start a women’s Cotswold morris team and surprise themselves by actually doing so in the cold light of day. They (not so drunkenly) decide to call themselves Pecsætan, a name which no-one understands and few can pronounce.

They finally emerged as a fledgling side in summer 2002, since when they have set about the arduous task of having a fantastic time and dancing a lot, at pubs and events in their local Sheffield, at festivals around the country and abroad.

Autumn 2018

Having rounded off our Summer with a trip to Whitby Folk Festival, and then a trip to London for the Morris Federation‘s AGM, we’ve been enjoying a busy Autumn so far back at practice, teaching more of our repertoire to our newer members. We also sent a delegation to teach a local girlguiding group one of our dances  – they did brilliantly!

We are now looking forward to our annual Christmas dance out (this year in Derby on 15th Dec) and making a January pilgrimage to the Whittlesea Straw Bear Festival.

Some nice things people have said about us:

“It’s really encouraging to see a young, energy packed, precise side.”
“Your lines looked like they were laser guided”
“I’m impressed – and I’m not usually impressed”
“I usually don’t like women’s Cotswold because it can either be too butch or too frilly/prissy but you were neither – really good!”
“Still not sure about the hook legs but the RTBs were perfect.”
“I never usually watch the whole of morris displays but it was excellent & I watched the whole thing”
“you’re the best women’s Cotswold morris team I’ve ever seen”
“bloody great”