Mid-2001: a group of friends drunkenly decide to start a women’s Cotswold morris team and surprise themselves by actually doing so in the cold light of day. They (not so drunkenly) decide to call themselves Pecsætan, a name which no-one understands and few can pronounce.

They finally emerged as a fledgling side in summer 2002, since when they have set about the arduous task of having a fantastic time and dancing a lot, at pubs and events in their local Sheffield, at festivals around the country and abroad.

Winter 2016

The end of 2015 saw us at a wonderfully sunny Bromyard Folk Festival, followed several months later with a torrentially wet Christmas Dance Out in the Sheffield. We kick started 2016 off early doors with a trip to Whittlesea Straw Bear Festival in January.

The new year sees us practicing hard for the dancing season. We are looking forward to dancing in the hills to the north of Sheffield at Shepley Spring Festival in May, and a trip to Shrewsbury Folk Festival on the August Bank Holiday weekend.

Some nice things people have said about us:

“It’s really encouraging to see a young, energy packed, precise side.”
“Your lines looked like they were laser guided”
“I’m impressed – and I’m not usually impressed”
“I usually don’t like women’s Cotswold because it can either be too butch or too frilly/prissy but you were neither – really good!”
“Still not sure about the hook legs but the RTBs were perfect.”
“I never usually watch the whole of morris displays but it was excellent & I watched the whole thing”
“you’re the best women’s Cotswold morris team I’ve ever seen”
“bloody great”