JMO – Sheffield

Wonderful Day at the Joint Morris Organisations Day of Dance this weekend, in our home town too. There were 50 – 60 teams = over 1,000 dancers in the city centre. Ceilidh band Hekety, 2/5ths of whom are Pecsaetanis, finished off procedings with a ceilidh in the cathedral.

Gate to Southwell

Just back from the fourth Gate to Southwell festival near Nottingham – hoorah! Wonderful weather and a great site for a festival.  Really enjoyed the massed dance in the Workhouse courtyard.

May Morning

9 years into Pecsaetan’s life, and we have finally managed to dance at dawn on May Day (a bit overdue – perhaps!?). However, it could be said that we completely lucked out on first attempt, as the clouds parted and we got a clear view of the sun rising over our fair City of Sheffield (situated as we were, on the outskirts of the high altitude village of Dungworth, overlooking the Damflask Reservoir).

Post dancing, we went for a full English Breakfast and a 7am pint in the infamous Dungworth pub, The Royal Hotel. Much appreciated!

Oxford Folk Festival

We’ve just got back from a wonderful weekend at Oxford FF – we want to know how they always get amazing weather for the festival, despite it being in April.

We danced out our new fieldtown dance “Dearest Dickie”, infront of the Bodliean Library. Glorious!