Happy 10th Birthday!

Ten years ago today, the (yet to be named) team started practicing on a weekly basis, having had the odd day practice during the summer before. 4 out the 7 original dancers (Jess, Aisling, Catrin and Jo) and our Musician and Foreman (Richard) are still with the team all these years later, so it’s a particular Happy Birthday to them!

To Celebrate, we’ve made a CD! It features 5 Morris Dance Tracks and some songs that we sing. In addition, it showcases the other folk music team members perform when they take their bells off, with tracks from: Richard & Jess Arrowsmith, Kirsty Bromley, Sarah Matthews (Cupola), The Melrose Quartet, Trinculo, Simon Dumpleton & Carmel Wood and Catrin Ashton & Paul McMahon.

It is available from www.sheffieldfolk.co.uk for £10 + P&P.

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