About Us

Pecsaetan (Pec – suh – tan)

Finding a name for the side was the biggest headache of our first year. After much friendly(ish) debate, democracy left us with a name no one can spell, pronounce or remember, yet it was the name that none of us hated the most. Pecsaetan is the name of an Anglo-Saxon tribe, meaning ‘dwellers of the Peak District’. We’ve been called many things over the years, including ‘Pesky-tan’!

Surprisingly for seven women choosing clothing, we reached a kit decision very quickly. Our kit is white shirts, black trousers and bells and ribbons in purple, red and gold.


A small group of us decided we wanted to dance Cotswold Morris and formed a team of friends mid 2001. The original members all knew each other through connections with the Sheffield University Ceilidh Society (the team, however, is entirely independent of the University). Though most of us had a little experience of the world of morris we were lucky enough to get Richard on board who’s been dancing Cotswold since he was knee-high to a grasshopper, to show us what to do. Several years later we’ve more than doubled our numbers, having recruited some fab new members each year.

Some of the fun things we’ve done over the years include:

  • Sheffield IVFDF 2003: our first big display spot in the Saturday Night Ceilidh
  • Sidmouth Folk Festival Golden Jubilee 2004: we danced on the main arena stage.
  • Narrenfest Mask Festival in Stuttart,Germany, 2009: The highlight was dancing in front of tens of thousands of people with flaming torches! It was cold because it was January, but not as cold as Whittlesey Straw Bear the previous week!
  • Race for Life 2009:  We danced 5km in the sun raising nearly £2000 for cancer research.
  • Our own weekend of dance every other year in the Peak District with a selection of teams we enjoy dancing with.

Team aims

As a team, Pecsaetan aim in conjunction with the Morris Federation:

  • To promote quality of dancing, music and performance
  • To push ourselves as a team and as individuals
  • To be interesting to watch for morris and “normal people” alike (!)
  • To promote a good team spirit (getting drunk, carousing etc)
  • To dance at festivals in England and abroad (more carousing)

Invitations to new members

Our main policy is that you have to be female, but before anybody is invited to join we need to be fairly confident that they can dance and will fit into the group. This doesn’t mean you need to be a Cotswold expert and we definitely accept morris virgins, as long as we think you have the potential to get it. We usually start off new members in September / October to make it easier for them and us to cope!